• Hurricane Season 2012

    Posted on June 22nd, 2012

    Written by Wayne Brackin


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    I recognize that it will appear to many of you that I am looking for an excuse to blog today in order to talk about the Miami HEAT.  So, just to maintain blog credibility, let me alert you that it is going to rain this weekend in South Florida, quite a lot.

    Now, how about the World Champion Miami HEAT!!!  It is a very exciting 24 hours for our town.  We don’t simply love the HEAT at Baptist Health South Florida (we do), but we also take care of the team as the Official Sports Medicine Provider through our Doctors Hospital Center of Excellence in Orthopedics & Sports Medicine.  The Team Physician is our own Dr. Harlan Selesnick, renowned orthopedic surgeon and member of the Baptist Health Medical Group.  Through this very intense season, he has kept the players healthy and on the floor.  I asked him many times what he did to get Chris Bosh back in action, and how he was keeping Mike Miller playing.  He told me that my questions were inappropriate, and I should know better than to ask him!  He was right of course, but whatever it was, Dr. Selesnick deserves a ring for his efforts and expertise.   

    Now just a word more on the weather.  There is a lot of disturbance in the weather systems to the south of Florida this weekend.  There could be very heavy rains over the next 48 hours with up to five inches in some areas, which could result in localized flooding.  It is something to pay attention to, particularly for those of you working this weekend who must be on the road to get back and forth to the hospitals and outpatient centers.  Be safe and give yourself the extra time you may need under those conditions.

     It is raining hard right now.  What a great day in Miami!

    These are the seasons of emotion and like the winds they rise and fall
    This is the wonder of devotion – I seek the torch we all must hold.
    This is the mystery of the quotient – Upon us all, upon us all a little rain must fall…It’s just a little rain…

     The Rain Song, Led Zeppelin

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