• Hurricane Season 2011

    Posted on October 25th, 2011

    Written by Wayne Brackin


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    Just a few weeks ago, we had the worst storm of the year in South Florida.  It is ironic and I suppose a commentary on human nature that there was no worry, no panic, no mad rush to Home Depot or Publix and no one was calling out sick.  No nada nothing (as we say here in Miami).  I didn’t even write a blog leading up to it.  Why?  The only reason I can think of it that we didn’t give it a name.  If we had called it Tropical Storm Oprah, there would have been wall to wall news coverage with all of the above.

    A few things did happen that we had to contend with, mostly minor.  It did rain a bunch, 10 inches in 48 hours, 30 mph winds, seven foot waves at the beach, rip tides and flash floods.  We sprang a couple of leaks at Homestead Hospital and West Kendall Baptist Hospital.  There was some concern about flooded streets making it difficult for staff to arrive or depart.  The Transport Center staff starting making arrangements to move people back and forth, just in case, but it wasn’t necessary in the end.

    Still, it was pretty much business as usual all over South Florida and the Keys, with all kinds of events going on as scheduled, the Columbus Day Regatta happened, the Miami Broward Carnival went on (just a little wet), and all of the stores and restaurants were open.  The lack of concern was kind of refreshing, and all was dealt with in the normal course of things that go on when you live in the sub-tropics.

    What brings this to mind is that far out in the Gulf is something now called Hurricane Rina.  We are looking at it as it is something of an anomaly this late in the season.  Now that it has a name though, it has come to everyone’s attention, and we are already seeing the signs.  A little worry here and there, questions about work and what will we do. The NewsPlex is cranking up with regular reports.  But….this pretty unlikely, probable non-event is still five days away from even being a consideration.

    And here I am, just like all the rest, writing about it because it has a ……..!

    “Just call my name and I’ll be there in a hurry
    On that you can depend and never worry”

    Ain’t No Mountain High Enough — Diana Ross

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