Ebola Update #3 to Baptist Health Staff – Oct. 24, 2014

In the News

•  The NIH reports that the nurse who contracted the Ebola virus after treating a patient in Dallas is now free from the virus.
•  The other Dallas nurse, who is being treated for Ebola at Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital, is regaining her strength and continues to improve.
•  Reports also indicate that A Doctors Without Borders physician who recently returned to New York from West Africa has become the first Ebola case in New York City.

Level 3 Activation Status
Overall, the situation here for us at Baptist Health South Florida remains the same. We continue at our Level 3 activation status, our lowest level. Three times each week we are conducting calls with our CEOs, CNOs and physician leaders, along with a weekly Ebola Task Force meeting, to coordinate our efforts, strengthen our processes and continue to improve our overall communication and preparedness in accordance with the CDC.

Precautions and Training
A safe working environment is essential for us to care for all patients, no matter what the condition. We continue to have all of the necessary personal protective gear available and on-site. We are adding to our stock on hand every day, and if better equipment is recommended, we will acquire it. If we do have an actual Ebola patient show up at any of our facilities, we can immediately redeploy needed supplies from our sister facilities on a moments notice.
Training on the four levels of personal protective equipment (PPE) required for the safe care of an Ebola patient is being conducted throughout Baptist Health. In this last week alone, more than 600 physicians, nurses and clinical staff have gone through the Ebola readiness training. This is an enormous milestone, and we applaud your efforts. We were fortunate to have had Dr. Aileen Marty, a national expert on Ebola from the FIU College of Medicine, address our physicians and nurses in two seminars this week. She shared her experiences treating patients in Africa, including techniques and protocols.

Thank you, as always, for your hard work and dedication to our community, and each other. We will keep you informed as we all learn more about this evolving situation.


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